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IBS support office in Pakistan

This study intends to investigate the variables influencing consumers’ use of IBS support office in Pakistan during the crisis. Based on the updated version of the model, the technology acceptance model was used in this study to forecast the behavioral intentions of the Pakistani population’s active social media users. And utilizing structured questionnaires, data on external elements supporting conditions, social impact, and task technological fit were gathered from Pakistan’s active social media users.

The end variable, or behavioral intention, showed a substantial connection with all factors except for perceived ease of use when Pearson’s correlation and linear regression were performed on the gathered
data. Further investigation produced contradictory findings, suggesting that, subsequently, perceived benefit and perceived ease of use can be significantly influenced by facilitating condition and task technology fit. Additionally, it can have a big impact on how people feel about using IBS support, which has
been impacted by behavioral intention since the COVID epidemic in Pakistan.


Consumers have been seeing the wide-ranging and ongoing use of the internet and similar systems for information to communicate, interact, and conduct home-based business online in the context of the COVID-19. Lockdowns have noticed this rise in IBS support office in Pakistan usage as a result of the COVID 19 outbreak in a variety of different circumstances. Organizations have been enhancing their technologies and infrastructure in light of the widespread use of information technology at the individual and group levels.

This is done to accommodate users whose needs have significantly increased as a result of the widespread use of cell phones, laptops, and PCs. Due to strict social and physical segregation laws put in place by various nations to protect their citizens’ health, adapting to new routines involves accessing IT platforms, especially the internet for the majority of services in the many fields and many more.

Researchers have attempted to understand the usage patterns and behaviors of people involved in the adaption and use of technology, particularly internet-based services, in light of the widespread use of technologies to meet basic human needs. It is crucially important to encourage people to use
internet-based technology and services and to examine the elements that influence how they perceive them. Concerns about health and the economy have had an impact on consumer Behaviour during COVID-19.

Understanding and forecasting user behavior for technology adaptation and use has been the attention of numerous researchers and scholars for decades due to the field’s rapid development. The elements that influence the way that customers choose and use information technology have been the focus of the researchers’ efforts. Additionally, due to the widespread adoption of this technology, academics utilize a variety of theories and methods to try to understand how users behave when utilizing internet-based services.

When seen in the context of individual IBS usage, the enabling condition can be defined as the proportion of people who perceive that there is an organizational and technological infrastructure to enable individual
IBS consumption. The association between enabling conditions and perceived usefulness and usability has been empirically validated by numerous studies.


The target group for this study is people using IBS support office in Pakistan, who make up 83% of social media users who are active and utilize a variety of social media websites and apps. There are some
requirements for selecting respondents to take part in this survey. First of all, they have simple access to the internet and make use of computer- and smartphone-based internet services. Second, they regularly utilize the internet. Before sending out the link to the online survey via Google Forms to various groups, all respondents were made aware of the study’s goal and their consent was confirmed.


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